Frontier 300 Blackout 125 Gr FMJ Ammunition (20 Rounds)

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Frontier Cartridge

Military Grade Ammunition

300 Blackout

125 Grain Hornady Full Metal Jacket

20 Rnd Box

Consistency In Every Cartridge

State-Of-The-Industry Loading Techniques And Quality Control Procedures Ensure The Reliability Of Every Frontier® Cartridge Round.

Rounds For All Applications

Frontier® Cartridge Offers Ammunition Configured For A Wide Range Of Shooters And Applications, Everything From Plinking, Target Shooting And Hunting To Law Enforcement Training And Self-Defense.

Brass Cases

In addition to Hornady® target friendly, non-steel core bullets in a variety of offerings, Frontier® Cartridge features brass cartridge cases and military-grade boxer primers and propellant.

Test Barrel (16″)

Velocity (Fps) Energy (Ft/Lb)
Muzzle 21.75 1313
100 Yards 1867 968
200 Yards 1591 703
300 Yards 1354 509
400 Yards 1169 379
500 Yards 1044 302